Steve Jobs was a visionary peson, here is the link of apple website and also what Bill Gates said about Steve

Besides Microsoft SQL Server there are various other databases which exist in industry and are widely used among the various corporate clients. While you will most likely be able to obtain an ADO.NET data provider directly from the database but you can always go and get the ADO.NET data provider for the database of your choice from

The ADO.NET providers exist for following dbs SQLite, IBM DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, TurboDB, Sybase and etc.

If you recall starting .NET 1.1 until .NET 3.5 all the .NET platform shipped with an assembly named System.Data.OracleClient.dll, which was one of the recommended data provider to connect .NET appplication with Oracle databas.seas the name suggests, offered a data provider to communicate with Oracle databases.

With the release of 4.0, Microsoft made this assembly obsolete and will eventually be deprecated.

The reason is certainly not that Microsoft only wants SQL Server and other MS specific Dbs to be used using .NET, but the actual reason is that Oracle corp provides its own custom .NET assembly, which follows the same overall design guidelines as the data providers provided by Microsoft.

You can download this assembly free of cost from Oracle corp’s web site at

Air Jordan is a brand divison of Nike Inc thought of an innovative idea to celebrate their 25th anniversary.

They wanted an innovative web-app which will allow Jordan fans to upload their photos with their favourite Air Jordan shoes which shows thier style/personality type etc. They named this web-app a Social mosaic.

This application is built on Windows Azure using Silverlight with deep-zoon feature, running s on Windows Azure allows the application to be scalable for traffic, as photos were continusously uploaded, and do automatically do all other activities to keep this web-app working.

You can visit this web-app here

If you hover mouse on the image shown on the home-page (as above) and start rotating your mouse wheel in forward direction then you will see the Deep-zoom taking effect and you will start seeing something like this.

VS 2010 Goes International

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Windows Azure team developed a new Azure based feature, known as TownHall.

This is a software which will aloow to create applications where people seek opinions, message-boards, vote etc. TownHall applications will be based on REST API in the Azure which will enable the delivery of clients on a number of platforms, in order to store the collected data, database used for this will be on SQL Azure.

There is no License fee for TownHall, you only pay for the WindowsAzure. Some common scenarios where TownHall can be used:

  • Event hosting as offered by evite etc
  • Engagement with communities
  • Message boards
  • Vote
  • Fan clubs , followers etc

You can see a TownHall sample at . You can try this site by clicking on “Log in” link on the top-left of this web site. Using the login name – demouser and password – demopassword
Note- I am not sure how long this site is available for demo purpose.

You can download the design templates, themes for TownHall development from

Microsoft has launched its new search engine which will replace

Microsoft is committed to a program of Microsoft Certifications that are relevant, valued, and respected indicators of IT professional and developer technology skills. To fulfill this commitment, the Microsoft Certification team continually monitors current industry trends and evolves accordingly, developing new exams and discontinuing others to ensure that certification requirements keep pace with technology enhancements.

In accordance with this commitment, Microsoft Learning will retire 12 exams on March 31, 2009. These exams focus on technologies no longer included in Microsoft mainstream support, and are requirements for the Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD), Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD), and Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA) certifications. To complete these credentials, you must pass all required exams before they retire.

To know about the following:
• Developer exams that retire on March 31, 2009
• Microsoft SQL Server exams that retire on March 31, 2009
• Frequently asked questions

MCP Exams being retired from 31-Mar-2009

Microsoft has launced a new section on MSDN for enhusiastic kids who wants to learn about computers, programming,VB .NET, C#, Window and Web applications.

This MSDN section provides various links for learning and downloading the development tools for kids.

Have fun: Click here > MSDN Kid’s Corner